Linux image for mining Coin Magi XMG on Orange Pi Zero

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Linux image for mining Coin Magi XMG on Orange Pi Zero

Mining Coin Magi (XMG) on Orange Pi Zero is cool because this SBC consumes very little power (2W at peak, usually 2W), costs as a pint of beer ($6.99), and gives a hash rate of 4-6KH/s.

I made an image which you can burn to your microsd card (at least 8GB class 4).

You don’t need to compile anything, install anything, just download, burn image to card using your favourite image writing software and do some simple config (explained below), sit back and enjoy!

Download Armbian image here: It contains stock Armbian (Orange Pi Zero is 32bit), with addition of compiled and configured miner wolf-m7m-cpuminer, so you dont need to do Makefile changes and compiling.

login as root and password changeme

Image is configured so miner autostarts. It will not start mining until you configure your pool credentials, so first you need to kill miner process:

pkill minerd

To connect to wifi use:


then change several files using midnight commander (command: mc, find the file and hit F4 to edit, F2 to save, F10 to exit editor):

Mandatory changes

/etc/init.d/ change pool address and port, poolUsername, worker name and WorkerPassword:

sudo /home/alojz/wolf-m7m-cpuminer/minerd -a m7mhash -o stratum+tcp:// -u poolUsername.worker -p WorkerPassword -s 15 -B

Reboot and unplug LAN cable


Optional changes

/etc/hostname if you have more sbc’s:


/etc/modprobe.d/xradio-wlan.conf if you have more sbc’s so these dont collide on your router, each needs to have unique mac address:

options xradio_wlan macaddr=04:5A:5D:99:5A:XX

/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/YOUR-CONNECTION-NAME change mac address in this file too.

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And now some pictures of my mining rig build (in progress)


Comments ( 9 )

  1. ctuxboy
    Hi Jacob, Happy with this tutorial. I try this when my OrangePiZero's arrived :-) Thanks a lot!!!!!
  2. grenade44
    I just setup my OPZ 2+(h5) and currently getting and output of 8/9kh/s. Just wondering if it would be cheaper to buy another or a couple of the cheaper OPZ. Do you have anymore details on your rig setup?
    • alojz
      Hi Grenade44, my setup is pretty simple, I got a 5V60A power supply. It may be a overkill since i plan to have 24 oranges in a box. Each orange consumes around 0.66A at peak, so I could go with 5V20A PSU. I decided to power oranges with microusb, so i made a dedicated board with USB sockets, you can power it from GPIO too, but then you have less regulation on power input. You can try if you want with cheaper ones, you will get 4-6KH/s
      • grenade44
        Hi Alojz, wow 24 how long is that going to take to make your money back? Going by the price is that the 256mb version your using? I tried setting up on a raspberry pi Zero and I was getting something from 0 to 2 something. Is the OPZ that much better? I’ve been thinking, if you need to buy like 2 original opiz to get the same amount of hash as the opiz(h5) and it looks like the h5 has onboard storage. (Haven’t tested yet) but wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy the h5 as you would also need to buy as SD cards for the original Zero? Only difference I can see is that’s no Ethernet, so only WiFi. What you think?
      • alojz
        Yes, 256MB version. Well, at the moment it is not profitable because block rewards are so low and it will be until miners realize that pushing hash rate is reducing rewards significantly! when whales do not pump hashes, it is profitable in 3 months, because when rewards are as they should be, my oranges can make 2-3 XMG a day. I am just waiting for whales to drop off. Electricity consumed based on prices in my country is less than 3€ per month for entire rig (0.045kW/h * 24hours * 30 * 0.08 cents per kW/h = 2.59€) :)
  3. jeyjey
    Dear friend. Good hearing about an orange pi Zero and Zero plus. I have a OrangePiZero+ that with its 64bit quad core H5 is good for mine. Have you an image for Orange Pi Zero Plus? I suppouse that the Zero Plus is better. Not? Thanks.
  4. Buldozer
    Привет друзья. Автору спасибо за хороший материал. Помогите адаптировать этот образ от orange pi zero для orange pi pc (больше производительность). Заранее спасибо.
  5. swordfish117
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