Terms and conditions

  • PoolAttractor (in further text: “We”) is a tool that collects data from mining pools, coin info and prices from third party APIs and displays useful data for end users.
  • We will never share your mining pool data to third parties or modify your data on mining pools, it uses only read-only API endpoints.
  • You are responsible of keeping your login and API data safe.
  • We provide our own API for your convenience.
  • We are not responsible if you share personal data with other parties, or if you share your PoolAttractor API key to someone else who, in that case, can obtain some of your data through API that PoolAttractor provides.
  • We will use only coin infos and mining pool URLs to construct our unique dynamic index of mining pools, which you can find here.
  • By providing your mining pool API keys and URLs you agree with above terms.
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